Don't get it wrong. Plan right, choose the right products and services FOR YOU and then you, your new life partner and your families and guests will have a wonderful and loving memory of your most special day for always.

Once the formalities are done there comes a time to party. If you are choosing a DJ you need to know they are experienced, reliable, energetic and fun. Not all Disc Jockeys are created equally. An experienced DJ will ensure, if not guarantee, that your wedding reception will be a magical success.

I have been specialising in wedding receptions for ten years and prior to that I was doing all kinds of functions from pre-school disco's to 60th birthday parties, from pubs and nightclubs to dine and dances.

Do not compromise the longest part of your day or the last part of your day. People will remember if your evening was fantastic or awful - choose the right DJ for your wedding.

A great DJ will have everything in place for your day and here are the top five things you need to ask of your potential DJ.

  1. "Are you experienced enough to do my wedding?"
    Are they able to provide references or referrals from wedding venues for you to contact? Or are they just doing this as a bit of a hobby for some extra cash?

  2. "Will you interact with our guests the way we want?"
    Don't let some DJ stamp his own personality on your day. This is about you remember! But some interaction can be fun and sometimes necessary, especially if they are a bit slow to get dancing started. Ask your DJ what he is comfortable with when it comes to using the microphone. And if you want something really special, then get them to give you a demonstration.

  3. "Is your equipment suitable for our venue?"
    Make sure you have enough room for everyone to dance but you don't want this taken up with huge equipment. Today, a professional DJ should be investing in the most modern sound and lighting equipment which takes up little space but sounds and looks fantastic.

  4. "Can we meet with you prior to confirmation?"
    This is a valuable and most important thing for you to do. You have just invited this person to your wedding. What will they be like? T-shirt and tattoos? Unshaven and rude? Unable to speak confidently? Or maybe it's just that you don't like them. By meeting with your DJ you will discover a lot about them personally and professionally. You'll know in the first five minutes.

  5. "Can you offer me value for money?"
    Please do not go on price. You could find someone three times the price you may have thought, but they offer you five times the service, are business-like in every aspect and is a true professional. Or, you may find someone for half the price you thought and they are able to give you everything you want. How do you choose?

Your wedding day needs to be planned properly and this includes deciding on what (if any) entertainment is used. I use the analogy of building a house. You have the plans, your builder, the joinery, the fittings, the personal touches and even the colours. But near completion, when you have spent every possible dime on those extras that popped up, you need to decide on your flooring. And almost inevitably you have to compromise on one of the largest and most used products in your home. Don't let it get to a situation where someone has to bring their stereo. Plan ahead and choose the right thing for you for what is the longest part of your day, and dare I say it, the most memorable.